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    Back the Blue

    New HERO Police Glitterflop!

    Help Us Support our Police Officers.
    We will DONATE $25 to the ASSIST THE OFFICER FOUNDATION in Dallas, Tx. for every Police Glitterflop Purchase

  • Crystal Hero Flag

    Available for ALL Hero Flip Flops

    A New Crstal Option for all of our Hero Line of GLitterflops
    Just Choose the Flag Option Under Available Colors When Ordering
  • NEW - Crystal Earrings

    Many Crystal Colors and Designs

    Genuine Swarovski Crystal
    Compliments your Glitterflops
    Great Styles to choose from
  • New Heros Collection

    Support Your Heros

    US Marine Corp. - US Navy
    US Army - US Air Force
  • Designer Series

    The Ultimate in Elegance

    Hand Embellished in Whitesboro Texas
    Over 700 Hand Placed Crystals on every Shoe
    2 Great Styles to choose from

Show your support for Law Enforcement!

With every purchase of our new Hero Police Officer Glitterflop we will donate $25 to the 'Assist the Officer Foundation' in Dallas, Tx.

The Assist the Officer Foundation supports the families of fallen Dallas police officers.

Bling by the Pool

WFAA Good Morning Texas Interview

Welcome to the One and Only Home for Authentic Glitterflops®

"O.M.G. I cannot express my gratitude for your company!
I had six hours of NO (you read that correctly NO pain) for the first time in SIX very long years after working on the Friday of the FIRST week of school in my kindergarten classroom (the most difficult, by far)! I am in AWE!
I have two autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and a recovering bulging disc. My daily pain level is an 8/10 on a good day. It is a 10/10 in tears fetal on the floor praying for relief on a bad day.
I have tried EVERY homeopathic, natural, unnatural, massage, western medicinal, eastern medicinal, surgical cure you can imagine and have found no relief and I walk into a local store one day and slip these adorable little cub paw flip flops on (my school's mascot) and thought I died and went to heaven!
Now I've ordered two more pair! I am a good Texas girl and can wear my precious glitter flops for about 9 months of the year. At this time I am thinking about wearing my glitter flops and leg warmers (a crime...CRIME against fashion but I have no choice). Thank you so very much for creating a product that is helping me cope with my pain and be a better teacher, mom, friend and wife!
Y'all are just amazing and we love you!"

Christina C.

Don't be fooled by Imitators! Genuine Glitterflops are made by the Texas Crystal Company.

Our Products

Highest Quality Crystals

We use only the highest quality crystals to build our Glitterflops

Creative Styles

Unique designs and styles create one of a kind patterns and styles

Orthopedic Comfort

1/2in. memory foam provides incredible comfort for your feet

Saddle Leather and Nylon

Only the Strongest, most durable leather and nylon is used in the construction of genuine Glitterflops

Thomas & King

Thomas & King   ($159.00)


Earrings   (Starting At $15.00)


Heros   ($116.00)

Support Your Heros

Fan Pride

Fan Pride   ($99.00)

Show your spirit. Available in your colors!


G-Flops   (Starting At $55.00)

Style and Comfort just for Men.


OMG   ($210.00)

Beautiful crystal patterns - Unbelievable comfort

Sensual Elegance

Sensual Elegance   ($116.00)

Creative - Comfortable - Fantastic

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures   ($79.00)

Understated but eye catching designs

Designer Series

Designer Series   ($315.00)

The ultimate in designer flip flop fashions

Crystal and Comfort

Crystal and Comfort   ($99.00)

Stand out in a crowd. Stylish and creative.

About Glitterflops® Shoes

Over a half inch of memory foam adds a new level of comfort during everyday activities and will never go flat. Get a massage while you walk.

Adding not only strength to the overall shoe, but also provides more stability for your feet during your everyday routines. Arch support is the basis of all comfortable shoes.

Some of the reported health benefits from wearing our Glitterflops Flip Flops include relief from

BUNIONS -- Provides arch support stability

HEEL SPURS -- Relief

PLANTAR FASCITIS -- We don't know how it works, it just does


NEUROPATHY -- No Pressure

Client Testimonials