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What is the Texas Crystal Company

The Texas Crystal Company was started in 2006 as Hats and More.

If you go to www.glittercaps.com you will see the first about us page written by Georgia while still undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Georgia, surrounded by a wonderful support group, started selling her hats while still weak from chemotherapy.

Two years after starting her hat company, Georgia started her new product, Glitterflops. Since then she has added Swarovski adorned palm leaf hats and gold, silver, and crystal ankle bracelets. Read more about Glitterflops HERE

Texas Crystal Company is the result of an evolution of fashion accessories that started because of health reasons and has evolved into a great line of high quality, fun Swarovski® adorned products.

We sell happines!


Glitterflops® are Hand Embellished in Whitesboro Texas.

Made from the finest leathers and Memory Foam Rubber.

GlitterFlops® are now sold in over 40 states and are also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Virgin Islands

All Glitterflops® are Embellished with genuine Swarovski® elements.

Our Guarantee

Glitterflops® come with a 6 Month Warranty!

View our Return and Exchange Policy

Download our RMA Form

Have an accident or lose a Crystal?

Download and fill out RMA form or get your RMA number by phone at (903) 564-7808
Please send BOTH (2) of your Glitterflops® , a copy of your purchase reciept, and information about the reason for the repair to

GlitterFlops Repair
PO Box 265
Whitesboro, Tx. 76273

Be sure to include a return address for us to ship your GlitterFlops® back to you.

Within 6 months of purchase, we will fix and return ASAP at no charge.
After 6 months please include a $10 check made out to the Texas Crystal Company.

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