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Georgia Thomas

Owner - Texas Crystal Company

GlitterCaps.com was started in March of 2006 by Georgia Thomas, a survivor of the menacing disease, breast cancer, and her friend.

Before she had been diagnosed with cancer, Georgia had started collecting different colored glitter ball caps to wear while riding and training her Quarter horses. After her hair loss the caps did not suit her. They did not cover well enough. After purchasing and wearing a wig, the frustration began to set in. The wig was hot and very irritating to the scalp. The whole bald head –wig-hat-thing was a mess. Upon coming home one afternoon, Georgia’s husband showed her a hat that a friend had left for her. It was a navy newsboy sparkle cap! She tried it on and broke into tears. This was it! It became the only thing she would wear.

At Georgia’s second chemotherapy session several ladies had asked her where she had gotten her hat. All she could tell them is that she could not locate any more of them. As every day passed people would inquire about her cap. So Georgia went to work locating their glitter hats and started distributing them. They found a beautiful line of brightly colored glitter ball caps, glitter visors, and glitter newsboy caps that also serve as chemo caps. The ball caps and visors are great for all outdoor activities and of course our beloved chemo caps speak for themselves. The hats are lined with soft cotton and do not hold in the extreme body heat caused by hot flashes.

As time passed Georgia began to meet many cancer victims and found it amazing to hear them tell of not getting along with their current situation. Nearly everyone they have encountered has fallen in love with the glitter caps because of their comfort and because they were pretty. They are a feel good thing.

Georgia is so happy to bring women, healthy or not, a little sunshine into their lives at a price that enables them to purchase several colors at a time. She hopes you like her product line and please feel free to call her with your comments and personal stories. She would love to hear them.